Our Mission

Welcome to the Toronto Iranian Christian Church website. Our mission is to give all Farsi-speaking people an opportunity to learn about the Bible (al kitab) and its message (injil). We do this by serving our local congregation as a church as well as Farsi speakers all over the world through our on-line Bible study resource.

The Bible is one of the most ancient books in the world and it has global interest. Along with its spiritual content, the Bible is also a book of history. This history includes the history of Persia (Iran). In the pages of the Bible is the account of the ancient Persian Emperor Cyrus and his edict that all peoples in the Persian Empire could return to their ancestral homelands. The accounts of the Persian Emperors Darius, Xerxes and Artaxerxes are also contained in the history of the Bible. Other historical and religious figures like Esther (wife of Emperor Xerxes) and Daniel are today buried in Iran.

These reasons alone make the Bible and its accounts of direct interest to Persians all over. But the Bible’s message about finding freedom from enslavement to sin also fits in the great tradition of Persian poets and philosophical literature.

Since the Bible is such an ancient book it can be hard to understand at times. Therefore we have developed a resource to help as a guide for all those interested in learning about its history and spirituality. We trust it is a valuable resource for Farsi-speakers around the world who want to learn about the Bible.